• October 10, 2022

My name is Lynae, I’m new to the tattoo industry, I started here at Convicted Designs Tattoo and Piercing. Working under Samson Akers, I first met Sam at only 9 years old, when he was working for my father until he started on his tattoo journey. I’ve been interested in tattooing for many years, and drawing all my life. I really enjoy using bright pops of color, and bring vibrancy to the skin. If I had to pick a favorite I’d say black and grey fine line tattoos, however I hope to learn as many styles as I can. As I have not been in the industry long I look forward to learning something new everyday and meeting new people. My main focus is to work with clients imaginations, and bringing their ideas to life with a forever piece of art on their body. Overall shop life is thrilling and I look forward to meeting you.