Piercing Care

Body Piercing Aftercare Information:

Every person is different and everybody heals differently.


2. Remove any dried matter from your piercing and/or jewelry using a solution of non iodine sea salt.

3. Rinse completely with clean water.

Oral Piercing (Lip, Tongue, etc.)

1. Control Swelling with crushed ice.

2. ALWAYS wash your hands first before touching your jewelry!

3. Make sure your jewelry is secure during cleaning

4. Rinse your mouth with diluted 50/50 water & mouthwash after eating and smoking.

5. No oral contact with anyone for 30 days. (Kissing, Oral Sex, etc.)

6. Avoid crunchy foods for the first week and spicy food for two weeks.

7. No foreign objects in your mouth for 30 days (pens, glasses, fingers, etc.)

8. No chewing tobacco.

Body Piercing (any piercing other than oral)

1. ALWAYS wash your hands before touching your jewelry or piercing.

2. DON’T let anyone touch your piercing or jewelry

3. Avoid playing with your piercing/jewelry.

4. Avoid tight clothing that may rub or push on your jewelry.

5. DON’T use rubbing alcohol, peroxide, betadine, or hibiciens.

6. No tanning for 3-4 weeks.

7. No swimming/soaking for 3-4 weeks. (pools, hot tubs, lakes, etc.)